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  • JULT Fall 2020 Newsletter

    JULT Fall 2020 Newsletter

    File size: 512 KB
    Highlights Include: Tomasi Meadow, Now Conserved!; Protecting Mobbs Farm; Nature Never Closes; You Were Invited!; Membership Matters; To Our Donors
  • JULT Summer 2020 Newsletter

    JULT Summer 2020 Newsletter

    File size: 12 MB
    Highlights Include: The Tomasi Meadow, a wonderful future; Seasonal Progression; How do Land Trusts Conserve Land?; and You are Invited!
  • JULT Spring 2020 Newsletter

    JULT Spring 2020 Newsletter

    File size: 11 MB
    Highlights Include: Tomasi Meadow Update; A Conservation Reserve Fund for Jericho; Upcoming Events; Membership Matters
  • JULT Winter 2020 Newsletter

    JULT Winter 2020 Newsletter

    File size: 1,017 KB
    Highlights Include: Major funding for the Tomasi Meadow; winter; upcoming events; creating a conservation fund; and membership matters.


  • JULT Fall 2019 Newsletter

    JULT Fall 2019 Newsletter

    File size: 1 MB
    Highlights Include: Tomasi Meadow; exquisite autumn; making progress against invasive plants; upcoming events; and membership matters.
  • JULT Spring 2019 Newsletter

    JULT Spring 2019 Newsletter

    File size: 360 KB
    Highlights Include: Protecting Mobbs Farm; Turning the tide on the invasive plant tsunami; upcoming events; and membership matters!
  • JULT Winter 2019 Newsletter

    JULT Winter 2019 Newsletter

    File size: 2 MB
    Highlights Include: Winter thoughts, why conserve land?, membership matters, Michael Lazorchak joins the JULT Board, and volunteer opportunities.


  • JULT Fall 2018 Newsletter

    JULT Fall 2018 Newsletter

    File size: 836 KB
    Highlights Include: Autumn thoughts, JULT in our community, welcome Sabina Ernst to the Board of Trustees, GPS trail maps, upcoming events.
  • JULT Spring 2018 Newsletter

    JULT Spring 2018 Newsletter

    File size: 3 MB
    Highlights Include: Spring impressions, seventy acres saved and donated, membership matters, volunteers needed and upcoming events.


  • JULT Fall 2017 Newsletter

    JULT Fall 2017 Newsletter

    File size: 5 MB
    Highlights: Ten acres added to Kikas Valley Farm, caring about cairns, GPS mapping consultant and upcoming events
  • JULT Winter 2017 Newsletter

    JULT Winter 2017 Newsletter

    File size: 5 MB
    Highlights Include: Simple Winter, Loss of Connection - Growing Up Indoors, Spring Events, Volunteer Opportunities, Membership Matters


  • JULT Fall 2016 Newsletter

    JULT Fall 2016 Newsletter

    File size: 7 MB
    Highlights Include: Event on October 29, Signs of the Season, Land Trust News, How to Use the Federal Tax Deduction, Kitchen Table Talk, Membership Matters
  • JULT Spring 2016 Newsletter

    JULT Spring 2016 Newsletter

    File size: 2 MB
    Highlights Include: Hints of Spring, Celebrate Spring Birds, What Does "Conserved Land" Mean, JULT's Annual Meeting on May 2, The Cougar Returns to the East, Town Land Contracts End in Jericho


  • JULT Fall 2015 Newsletter

    JULT Fall 2015 Newsletter

    File size: 2 MB
    Highlights Include: Fall Back, JULT Through the Seasons, Town Plans Matter, Help Wanted, Wolfrun Natural Area
  • JULT Winter 2015 Newsletter

    JULT Winter 2015 Newsletter

    File size: 1 MB
    Highlights Include: Quiet Days of Winter, Lost Boundary Found, State Current Use, JULT Speaks.