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Riverside Meadow

We are extremely pleased to report that the Riverside Meadow was purchased by JULT on March 24th, 2022. This acquisition means that the meadow will remain a productive hayfield and that the extraordinary view of Mt. Mansfield, through Mills Riverside Park, will remain intact. The Jericho Underhill Park District also receives an easement that allows maintenance and emergency vehicles access off the driveway. This is critical as the park’s bridge cannot handle larger vehicles. 

We want to thank our community of supporters for your generosity that was displayed as we sought to raise $200,000 in just three months. This was a very tight timeline, and we are thrilled that it was met!  JULT matched $25,000 in donations which helped us meet our goal as well. The extraordinary success of this fundraising effort points to the shared interest that our community has for keeping land productive, scenic vistas intact, and wildlife habitat and corridors open. Thank you for supporting our conservation work which helps protect the lands that we all care about. Current and future generations will continue to benefit from the purchase of the Riverside Meadow, and we THANK YOU!