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Posted 8/19/22

You can keep up to date on JULT news through our newsletter which is in PDF format.

The Davis Farm, CONSERVED!

Posted 1/23/24

Tammy and Gary Davis have made the heroic effort to conserve the bulk of their farm property. This work began a few years ago and their perseverance ensures that 180 scenic acres will remain in…

The Hunt Farm, Purchased and Conserved!

Posted 9/5/23

With great excitement, we report the purchase and conservation of the Hunt Farm by the young farmers called, The Farm Upstream. Thanks to tremendous community support, JULT was able to raise the…

HELP CONSERVE HUNT FARM: Cultivating, Nourishing and Growing a Farm

Posted 6/26/23

JULT is currently fundraising for the remaining $20,000. With the appraised value of the conservation easement fully funded, The Farm Upstream will purchase the farm and conserve the land…

DAVIS FARM: Conservation Around the Corner

Posted 9/1/22

JULT is pleased to report that the conservation of 181-acres of the Davis Farm is well underway. Thanks to our very supportive community, JULT was able to raise the $50,000 necessary to protect this…

Mobbs Farm Conserved

Posted 5/12/22

Over 91 percent of Jericho residents voted to conserve the Town-owned Mobbs Farm at Town Meeting Day on March 2, 2021. This overwhelming public support put in motion a lengthy process to protect…

The Riverside Meadow....We Did It!

Posted 4/6/22

We are extremely pleased to report that the Riverside Meadow was purchased by JULT on March 24th, 2022. This acquisition means that the meadow will remain a productive hayfield and that the…

Excellent News - Mobbs Farm!

Posted 3/3/21

The advisory vote to conserve Mobbs Farm passed overwhelmingly. The vote count was 1033 to 101.  Jericho residents sent a clear message to the Selectboard to pursue the permanent protection of this…

Tomasi Meadow, Now Conserved!

Posted 8/28/20

The Jericho Underhill Land Trust is very pleased to announce that the Tomasi Meadow is now permanently conserved and owned by the Town of Underhill!  This iconic view leading to Casey’s Hill greets…

Kikas Valley Farm: Invasive Management Project, Visit #1

Posted 10/8/18

JULT is pleased to announce that we have taken another step forward in dealing with the invasive plants on our Kikas Valley property off Skunk Hollow Road in Jericho. We hired a crew from the…

Kikas Valley Overlook Acquisition

Posted 4/5/18

In December 2018, JULT received a “Christmas present" of a 71 acre parcel just up the hill from Kikas Valley Farm. Thanks to a generous member we were given this parcel outright. This additional lot…

10 Acre Acquisition of Skunk Hollow Pasture

Posted 4/5/18

In the fall of 2017, JULT received a donation of 10 acres of pasture adjoining our Kikas Valley Farm lands. This land is part of a 20 acre piece that has been used for many years by a local farmer for…