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Wolfrun Access Repairs

Blame it on the beavers.  For the past several years beaver have been active in Moose Pond.  Beavers, by nature, are never content with things as they are.  We have seen the water level of the pond rise incrementally each of the last three years.  Moose Pond was formed by a man made stone dam years ago and was the source of blocks of ice in the years before refrigeration.  Over the top of this the beaver have added their own dam, raising the level of the pond by almost tree feet.  We had very heavy rain in early May and the beaver dam gave way releasing a torrent of water which the ancient stone culvert at the base of the raised road bed could not handle.  A ten foot deep gully was created in the old road bed by that huge volume of water racing across it.  A local contractor was hired to do the repairs and was able to salvage enough fill from the site to complete a new lower road bed.